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Our specialist knowledge of data installation and data cabling means that we can design and install entire infrastructures for commercial and industrial premises.

We can effectively link systems for greater and faster communication, provide wireless links wherever they are needed and install fibre optics, CAT5 and CAT6 cabling.

We are the nominated electrical contractors for many large UK organisations, such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and we use the latest technology to enhance network performance and improve efficiency.

The advantages of fibre optic cabling

Fibre optic cabling can be used to accommodate computer networks, CCTV, telephone and broadband and is more efficient than traditional cabling.

  • It is less expensive than equivalent lengths of copper wire
  • It is thinner, lighter and has a higher carrying capacity
  • It uses less power
  • There is less signal degradation and the result is clearer phone calls with no echo effect
  • It carries high volumes of digital information

The importance of cable

  • Cabling is one of the most important components of your network and is the most long-lived with an expected life span of 15-20 years.
  • You’ll most likely replace your network equipment three to four times over the life of the cabling system.
  • Plan on cabling to be about 15% of your total network cost and don’t skimp on the cable or the installation. An investment in a high-quality cabling system is easily justified in reduced downtime, reduced maintenance, and better network performance.
  • Think long-term and buy the best cable and installation services.

Cabling considerations

  • The type of network you plan to run will influence the cable you choose
  • Anticipate changes and upgrades in equipment and 20 years maximum
  • Review the maximum distance between your network switches and the farthest desktop
  • Consider bend radius and available space for running cables in the floor and ceiling
  • Is there existing or abandoned cable that needs to be removed?
  • EMI(electromagnetic interference) Must check for this
  • Any physical limitations that could affect your cable choice?

Choosing cable

When planning your cabling infrastructure, you have two basic choices; copper or fibre. Both offer superior data transmission.  The decision on which one to use depends on your current network, your future networking needs, and your applications, including bandwith, distances, environment, cost and more.

Traditionally, copper was used in lower speed, short distanced networks, and fibre was used in higher-speed, long-distanced networks. But with the advent of copper cable running at 10-gigabit rates, this maxim no longer holds true. You may even find a mixed network with a fibre backbone and copper horizontal cable to be an optimum solution.





What we provide

  • Data cabling installation
  • Cable network solutions
  • Network wiring
  • Network testing
  • Network cabling repair

Other Services

Our specialist knowledge of data installation and data cabling means that we can design and install entire infrastructures for commercial and industrial premises.

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