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Automatic Car Park Barriers

Controlling access to parking spaces can be difficult, especially in urban areas where parking restrictions can cause extreme competition for limited resources. Automatic car park barriers offer a simple solution to the problem, allowing you to limit access to those that have permission or who have purchased parking services.

Access Control Made Easy

Businesses providing car parking for staff and visitors don’t want squatters taking up valuable parking spaces. If you have problems with unauthorised parking, then a car park barrier system will allow you to admit only the vehicles that have permits, or valid reasons to need to park and keep out the rest.

Entry to the site can be permitted or denied by use of a rising arm barrier linked into your security system. By means of a key-fob, RFI tag, ANPR or merely typing in a passcode the barrier can be programmed to permit only those with the requisite credentials. Access for other vehicles can be permitted or denied by providing an intercom connected to security or reception, who can lift the automatic barrier when requested.

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Charging for Car Parking

Owners of car parks who wish to transition from a pay-and-display system to a pay-on-exit or pay-on-entrance system may also wish to fit automatic rising arm barriers. Whether the barrier is operated by an employee collecting charges or whether integrated into an automatic system a rising arm barrier will be necessary to ensure no one can gain entrance or exit from the car park without paying their dues.


Here at MSE, we can advise on a number of different systems, and you may be surprised at the automatic barriers prices we can obtain. Whether you require a simple remote operated rising arm barrier or something stronger such as a fully automatic gate we are sure to be able to assist you. We can also integrate solutions into your existing security systems if required so why not call us today for a no obligation chat about your requirements?



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Automatic car park barrier systems are surprisingly low-maintenance, but for total peace of mind, we can offer a full SLA package ensuring that your barriers remain in tip-top condition throughout their lifetime. We can also provide servicing for existing barriers – if you drop us a line with the details you can see how competitive our service is.

Of course, even the most reliable automatic car park barriers are liable to damage, either maliciously from attempts by unauthorised vehicles to pass through or accidentally, perhaps by tailgating of the car in front. Should you require repairs to your car park barrier system MSE are here to help – just call us, and we can send someone out to inspect the damage and quote for a repair.

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Keep Unwanted Parking At Bay

Whatever your reasons for wanting to control access to your parking area, MSE are able to help. We offer a full installation, maintenance and repair packages at competitive prices so call us now to see how we can help.


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