Ocean Valour update, please support the boys.

Posted on 12 May 2015 By Tim

Over the weekend our two intrepid adventurers have had the wind from all directions and sometimes none at all. This resulted in their course being rather swirly for the last few days.

On occasion Yves anchored for a few hours before continuing on her way resulting in a fairly wavy course. However, everything changes and the relatively light winds that the team have experienced for the last few days will soon be on the increase. From Monday evening the winds will gradually increase to around 35kt (this is lighter than the earlier predicted 45kt so we’re thankful for that!).

It will start to increase from the SSW and increase in strength pushing them to the North. However, if by that time the team have make it to the first accessible section of the Gulf Stream they will deploy their parachute anchor into some quickly east flowing current, and thus be pulled by their parachute anchor making great progress despite not being on the oars. If they don’t reach the current in time then they will have to deploy the parachute anchor outside the current and will gradually get blown to the north.

The race is on to see who is quicker, the wind or team Ocean Valour. Come on lads, let’s see what you’ve got!