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Commercial organisations across different industrial sectors rely on a comprehensive range of electrical services. At MSE, we established ourselves as a leader among electrical service companies in the West Midlands. If you’re looking for electrical companies in Birmingham or beyond, then our expert team has the professional knowledge and experience to deliver.

Whether you’re looking for electrical installation, testing, electrical inspection, electrical imaging or any other electrical service, then MSE are electrical contractors you can rely upon.

What are commercial electrical services and why might businesses in the West Midlands need them?

What are commercial electrical services?

Commercial electrical services encompass a varied range of solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of very different businesses, organisations, and other commercial properties. They are essential for ensuring the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of electrical systems within commercial settings.

That can include comprehensive electrical installation, upgrades, repairs and maintenance of electrical systems, as well as components, and equipment. From wiring to lighting fixtures, electrical panels, and circuit breakers, commercial electrical contractors take care of various tasks for commercial clients.

Electrical services also include safety inspections, and design services to ensure continued compliance with electrical codes and regulations while reducing the risk of accidents and hazards in the workplace.

Electrical services will also cover essential heating and ventilation systems, ensuring that workplaces meet the regulatory requirements to provide a comfortable working environment. Data cabling is at the heart of modern communications, and network cable installation increasingly plays a key role in electrical services.

Electrical subcontractors are called upon to install solar energy systems and electric vehicle charging point installations, helping to ensure companies can meet ambitious carbon reduction targets.

Emergency electrical services ensure that when something breaks down, there is a safety issue or a power outage, it can be addressed quickly and effectively.

A licensed and insured service

At MSE, all of our electrical engineers are qualified and experienced in handling a comprehensive range of electrical tasks. All of our work is licensed and insured, ensuring that you receive the highest possible level of service. We ensure that our clients meet their regulatory requirements while enabling them to work more effectively and sustainably.

When choosing electrical contractors for your business it’s always essential to ensure that they have the professional credentials and experience to deliver.

Comprehensive commercial electrical services from the Birmingham experts

For over three decades MSE has been providing a comprehensive range of electrical services for commercial and industrial clients across Birmingham and the West Midlands. From new installations to repairs and safety checks, our team has been on hand to help businesses deliver to their customers.

Whether you’re looking for industrial electrical services, fire alarm installation, building management systems, or electrical safety services, our team can help. Service packages for lighting, fire alarms, PAT testing, access control, CCTV, heating systems, air conditioning, emergency lights and more are also available

Contact us to find out more about our full range of commercial electrical services and how we can help.

We undertake all types of electrical work: