MSE provides specialist Air Conditioning & Ventilation services for commercial, residential and industrial premises of all sizes.

Air Conditioning Service Birmingham

Air conditioning is an essential system in an increasing number of workplaces. Rising summer temperatures and a regulatory requirement to ensure employee comfort mean that air conditioning systems are often crucial. Ensuring you have the right air conditioning system for your workplace can help to keep energy costs down while providing a comfortable environment for staff and visitors.

MSE is one of the premier air conditioning Birmingham suppliers, providing effective air conditioning systems across the West Midlands for a wide range of commercial organisations. All of our technicians are qualified and experienced and can ensure your air conditioning system is optimised for your premises.

Approved air conditioning installers

We are Daikin D1 and Mitsubishi Electric approved installers, recognised for providing high-quality installations and excellent customer service. We can also provide expert advice and guidance regarding air conditioning systems and changing regulatory requirements. Because we are approved installers, our air conditioning installations come with a five-year parts and labour warranty.

The importance of air conditioning servicing and maintenance

At MSE, we provide a comprehensive commercial air conditioning service including maintenance. Regular maintenance is essential and should be carried out at least once a year, to ensure that air conditioning systems are working efficiently and safely. Systems with a heavier workload may require servicing more frequently.

By cleaning and inspecting components such as filters, coils, and ducts, regular maintenance prevents the buildup of dirt and debris that can obstruct airflow, straining the system. Maintenance helps to identify and address any minor issues before they have a chance to escalate into major problems. This reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and the associated repair bill. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of the air conditioning system, maximising the return on investment.

As well as financial considerations, regular maintenance contributes to proper ventilation and temperature regulation, contributing to indoor air quality and comfort. Air conditioning maintenance is essential for optimising the performance, efficiency, and longevity of the system. It also ensures a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for occupants.

Our trained, experienced technicians can ensure that your air conditioning system is maintained and effective. We can advise about a suitable maintenance schedule, as well as being on hand when repairs are required. With our help, you can get more out of your air conditioning system for longer.

Comprehensive air conditioning services from MSE

At MSE, we have over three decades of experience in providing air conditioning services for our clients. We can ensure that your workplace remains comfortable, safe, and compliant all year round.

With our tailored air conditioning system installations, we enable energy-efficient operation, reducing running costs and delivering benefits for your organisation. With our comprehensive maintenance and repair services, you can extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system, reducing running costs and the risk of costly repairs.

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Daikin D1 Partners & Mitsubishi Approved Installer

As a Daikin D1 & Mitsubishi Electric Approved Installer, we are recognised for providing excellent customer service, High quality installation and can provide expert advice and guidance on changing legislation and key industry issues.

One of the advantages of MSE being an approved installer allows us to offer you, the client a five year parts and labour warranty. Only air conditioning serviced and maintained by MSE will qualify for the 5 year warranty.

We also have access to all other manufacturer’s extensive products and training courses, helping us to build on our skills for installation and maintenance purposes.

Fast turnaround and a high level of service

With MSE directly employing a number of fully qualified Service Engineers, we can attend any size air conditioning unit with a fast response time to ensure we get your air conditioning working as soon as possible.

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What we provide

  • Air conditioning supply
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning servicing
  • Air conditioning inspection
  • Air conditioning repair

Finding out more

Talk to an MSE specialist today for more information about our air conditioning and ventilation services. We can provide outstanding air conditioning services for commercial, industrial and residential customers, and the fact that all our electrical engineers and builders work in-house means you don’t have to worry about paying for costly sub-contractors when you choose us. If you have been searching for air conditioning supply, installation, servicing or inspection services from a market-leading company that you can trust. Speak to us today to discuss your requirements.